Donostia - San Sebastián


The first Italian bar, run by Italians, in Donostia-San Sebastian. In Bar Malandrino you can enjoy the authentic Italian cuisine and some typical drinks from Italy.

Bar Malandrino GROS was born on July 16, 2012 and foremost it is the story of a friendship. Marco (from Tuscany) and Paolo (from Lombardia) met in Donostia and had a dream: to bring a piece of Italy to Euskal Herria creating an Italian bar, i.e. a cozy place where you can meet and enjoy Italian specialties.
The word Malandrino reminds us when the Grandma scolded us for having done something that was wrong. Malandrino! That is, Rascal! She shouted at us when we were little boys, running after a soccer ball in the middle of the road.

Since June 2016, the dream goes on with the new Bar Malandrino ANTIGUO.

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We import our ingredients from Italy. A simple kitchen, unpretentious, but that makes us feel at home. You can choose from a wide variety of pasta, risotto, toast, salads, sandwiches and other Italian specialties … and obviously our inimitable thin-crust pizza.

Ask for our wine list where you can find both selections from the Iberian Peninsula and wines from different parts of Italy: Chianti from Tuscany, Sicilian Nero d’Avola, Moscato d’Asti,…

In addition to our menu, we also have children’s menu, and weekend offerings.

Buon appetito!



The Kitchen

We make homemade pizza with thin crust prepared each day using flour imported from Italy and rigorously Italian mozzarella cheese. In addition to the classic round pizza, we prepare every day slices of pizza that you can enjoy in the bar.

Among our specialties, there are the “risotti” of our chef Elena from Brescia (North of Italy), the “fagottini” filled with pear and served with a sauce of gorgonzola cheese and walnuts, the “ravioli” with pancetta. Also try our veal carpaccio served with arugula and grana cheese or our octopus carpaccio. Among the desserts, you cannot miss our homemade tiramisu, the “sweet” pizza (with Nutella chocolate and banana) and Pan Briacone (“drunk bread”).

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Our specialties can be accompanied by several Italian aperitifs, like Aperol Spritz and Negroni…

And finally, a good Lavazza “espresso” accompanied by the greatest variety of Italian spirits, including “amari”, grappa, limoncello …
Let us surprise you by our “vermouths” with a secret Italian touch and our specialty cocktails prepared in house that include gin & tonic and mojitos.

Come and visit us…cheers!